I’m excited to share that I will be in Penang this weekend for the Georgetown Literary Festival.

To be honest, I’m  pretty excited for the weekend as I’ve been meaning to attend the festival for many years! I guess it’s quite fortuitous that I just happen to be jobless at this time of the year for the festival! The events line-up seem pretty exciting which you can find on their Peatix’s website here. 

We decided to drive  to Penang as we found that other transport options available quite impractical. For example, we couldn’t find any train or bus schedule that would leave just in time so that we can arrive in Penang on Saturday morning. We also considered flying straight but since we’re making last minute bookings, the price is so  expensive that it’s actually more than the total expenses of the two days trip itself.

Anyway,  do let me know if you so happen to be in Penang as well. Perhaps we can meet for a cup of coffee!