Firstly, sorry for the lack of originality on the title. I just had to reuse the same title used by the guys at The Malaysian Insight.

This year will be the first year I’ll be celebrating in KL without going back to my hometown in Kedah.

Anyway, messages of colourful gifs and images started flooding as early as when you wake up. This increase may be due to more people realise how easy it is to use online creative tools like Canva and so on.

Twitter was also just doing its usual thing. So many people began posting the highlights of their restricted Eid celebration and crowdsourcing for funny moments to make up with the lack of movement.

Like this one, where someone started putting up funny photos during the obligatory Eid prayers. During the prayers, the imam, usually a male figure who led the prayer will also recite a speech, known as the khutbah, which is an obligatory speech after such prayers. No printer, no issue as so many used their smartphones instead to recite the speeches. And I like the one where the guy was holding the lightsaber the most.

But I’m just thinking about something else entirely.

I have a feeling that we’re entering into a recession soon. I know I’m not an economist and all but the trends seem to be going toward that direction.

I’ve been self-employed and running my own corporate/commercial law firm business for close to two years now. I am lucky that I manage to save some cash which gives me some breathing space to do stuff like self reflect unlike so many microentrepreneurs and daily income earners out there.

Yet I still worry if they’ll be enough.

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