Why podcast will be the next big thing in Malaysia (if it’s not already is)

I commute a lot on a bike or on the train to work or meeting clients. All these while I’d be listening to my usual jazz playlist on Spotify (I’m a bit of an old soul I know).

Ever since I’ve switched to podcasts few weeks ago, I now do look forward to my commute (funnily enough now, especially the long ones), as I get to listen to my favourite podcasts.

So far I’m listening to none other than the NYT bestselling author Tim Ferriss at The Tim Ferriss Show and the futurist Mike Walsh’s Between Worlds. There’s one podcast that I particularly like so far is Tim Ferriss’ chat with Bob Iger, former Disney’s boss for over 15 years.

I do feel there’s a strong appeal for the podcast in the future especially when you get such a strong captive audience. I also remember reading a post by a16z on the future of podcast in the United States and how they are growing rapidly. I think it’s only time when we’d see the same podcast growth across Southeast Asia as well. The big question is which country perhaps would take the leadership in podcasts content creation or even consumption?

I do feel that Malaysia has a strong potential to lead the podcast industry’s growth compared to other neighbouring countries. We do have some good English speaking population and our mobile penetration rate is over 90% (that’s impressive by any standards!).

I mean, podcast has such a strong marketing angle for advertisers. The listeners are not just a captive audience but you get to target directly to the followers base. Think about people listening to Aaron Sarma‘s podcast and all his listeners are startup founders and so on (and without the usual distraction or spam block like other types of ads).

Any podcast that you are listening to now?


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