Malaysian startup community in Malaysia is an active and vibrant community

3 active Malaysian startup community groups you should know

Take a look at these 3 Malaysian startup community groups where you can join for free on Facebook. Finding a referral for social media marketing or even building a simple website can be a challenge if you don’t know where to ask.

I do feel that startup founders should take time to join these startup groups to get to know others (who may someday even invest in your business). So these are the usual online chat groups that I usually join and get the latest updates and development in Malaysia’ startup ecosystem. Two of these groups have been around for over a decade so they are pretty seasoned communities!

1. OpenCoffeeClubKL

Founded by Inbaraj Suppiah, an entrepreneur behind digital agency Pixaworks and community builder, OpenCoffeeClubKL is a regular, open and informal meeting place for people involved in tech or e-commerce startups.

It’s been around since 2012, they do monthly meetups which functions like a “support group” where entrepreneurs can seek assistance, resources or simply make friends with like-minded people.

2. StartupMamak

Similar to OpenCoffeeClubKL, StartupMamak was founded in 2011 by a developer, Heislyc L. You can follow the page and get latest tips and sometimes they do promo and discounts on new products and services.

3. Malaysia Digital Hub

The last one is Malaysia Digital Hub. They are like an official group created and moderated by the guys at Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (a government digital economy agency). The contents are carefully curated and moderated by the officers to ensure that only good stuff gets through. Certainly, an important group that you need to follow if you want to know what’s the latest stuff happening in Malaysia’s startup ecosystem.

Personally, I do hope that we’d see more niche community groups in Malaysia catering to specific categories or genres like podcast, music, edtech, agritech, and other technologies in the future.


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