The #KitaJagaKita hashtag has been viral for the last several months since the government announced the lockdown to get everyone to stay at home to flatten the curve.

Malaysians, regardless of races or religions are coming together to help other affected Malaysian as there are so many people affected by the lockdown especially the day labourers.

#kitajagakita grassroot initiative

Another one that I came across is the #kitajagakita movement. Led by Hanna Alkaf and other selfless Malaysians coming together to set up a campaign and putting up together the site. The idea is to bridge between those Malaysian seeking to give and those seeking help like food, money, shelter or even counselling. If you feel like chipping in, do have a look at the current charities and organisations seeking funds hosted on the #kitajagakita website.

How about the daily wage earners?

While many of us may be able to comply with the social distancing order, it may be challenging to those who are daily wage earners like the nasi lemak sellers or banana fritters sellers and so on. Although some gig economy workers like the delivery riders may be benefiting from the lockdown, even the homeless are facing challenges as obviously they’ve got nowhere else to go.

We’re also seeing smaller crowdfunding campaigns hosted by concerned Malaysians. Inbaraj Suppiah, who is also a friend and community leader in the technology community saw the struggles faced by his local families who are mainly cleaners and daily workers unable to feed themselves as they’ve lost their incomes. Inbaraj started a crowdfunding campaign, and so far they’ve raised over RM21,000 to help buy food and weekly groceries for the needy.

#digitalvscovid by MDEC, tech relief solutions for technology companies and startups affected by Covid-19

MDEC has also joined in the fight to help businesses and startups affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Under #DigitalvsCovid hashtag, MDEC managed to pull off a list of companies that have agreed to give out discounted or free products and services to other startups and small businesses during the lockdown known as The Tech Relief Solutions. Here, you can find discounted stuff for sending goods on e-commerce, cloud storage and delivery services and so on.

Also, Izwan & Partners has also joined in as one of the corporate partners in the #digitalvscovid campaign. If you are a freelance worker, a small business or a startup affected by the current pandemic and need some legal advice, feel free to reach out if you need any legal help like reviewing your contracts or if you feel like you need to cut off some staff and so on.

Are you doing anything to help other Malaysians? I’d love to hear what are you up to.

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