Legal templates marketplace is not a new idea. In Malaysia we’ve seen several variations like BurgieLaw, and LawCanvas (now no more) where the platform lets small companies mostly tech companies and startup buy contracts off the rack for their business needs.

So when I got to know about Lexub several months ago from Daniel Lui, (cofounder of Lawtech Malaysia, a legaltech startup helping lawyers go digital), I was naturally a bit sceptical. But I may be wrong.

What is Lexub?

Lexub aims to create the largest global legal marketplace for legal templates for lawyers.

Why legal templates?

At present, if you’re lawyer finding a legal template for a subject matter, your best bet is to call up your lawyer friends and see if they can share you a precedent from other law firms. Lexub aims to help you do this by crowdsourcing the legal templates from other fellow lawyers in the country.

So far, it looks like most of the legal templates are dominated by Mongolian lawyers (one of the founders is a Mongolian), but Lexub team is seeking to expand and get lawyers from other countries to also try out the platform.

I had a lovely interview with Zolo Mundur, the person behind Lexub who also runs Codelex, as a CEO. In the interview, I highlighted my belief (like what I’ve said before at Tech This Way interview) that young lawyers should specialise and really focus on specific niche areas. Legaltech solutions are getting better every year and as they achieve economies of scale, it’ll be soon when machines can replace lawyers in legal due diligence by reviewing commercial contracts.

Putting aside the whole issue on whether or not Lexub’s platform may get stopped by the Malaysian Bar, I feel that it’s going to be a huge challenge for Lexub to get the ‘buy in’ from lawyers, as the overall business model caters to lawyer selling a legal template to another lawyer. But it may still be worthwhile to focus on the long tail of young lawyers who are passionate about new law and innovating the legal space.

Read the full Q&A interview here.

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