I got lucky this year for being able to attend the Georgetown Literary Festival for the first time.

The festival has been ongoing for the last seven consecutive years since 2011 when it first started.

This time round, we were pleasantly surprised with the free event booklet detailing the itinerary and the speakers and moderators of the panel sessions. The way how the event  was done was through multiple panelist tracks. In other words, there were several panel discussions ongoing at the same time. It was difficult  at times deciding which panel to join at times as the other seem interesting as well. I found out later that only the Q&A with Anwar Ibrahim was recorded and published on Youtube.

If you’re an aspiring writer, there were various literary workshops hosted by practitioners. There’s a nominal fee (around RM50-70 per pax) payable to join the workshops. Some of the workshops were quite interesting such as basic poetries, mastering language tools such as metaphors and other writing techniques. 

One area for improvement perhaps might be on the itinerary itself. It was quite hard to step out  to grab a quick lunch as the intermission between every panel session is merely fifteen minutes. I guess the organiser’s idea was to pack the discussion as much as possible so that the event can end earlier so that people can proceed with their own excursion.

It’s a fantastic festival and I think you will enjoy it as well if you’re a fan of Asian literature and anything books.