Help us crowdsource fundraising awareness among Malaysian startups and tech companies

It took me a while to come up with this survey, but I’m so glad it’s out now.

So far, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) has blasted the survey to its network and we hope to get Cradle Fund and MaGIC to also help circulate the survey among its ecosystem members.

The survey was made knowing that founders are generally busy people. But we all know fundraising is a continual effort and crucial to the survival of tech companies and startups. We also know that it can hard for entrepreneurs, especially the physical and mental pressures of regularly raising capital.

I’m so glad that MDEC has agreed to partner up in coming up with this survey. For me, I hope that the outcome will help future startup ecosystem enablers to contextualise their events or workshops based on the findings.

All responses are completely anonymous and all information collected will be aggregated. This survey will take a maximum of 5 minutes to complete.

After we’ve got enough sampling data, we hope to share the information with the wider community once we’ve crunched the data.

Survey: Fundraising awareness by Malaysian startups


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