The Malay Mail Online published my opinion on why crowdfunding will be a ‘new normal’ in Malaysia

Equity crowdfunding has been the general theme of my discussion this week. So I’m glad when The Malay Mail Online decided to pick up my post. They have an excellent regular opinion section where you can see both ordinary and prominent concerned Malaysian sharing their thoughts and views on the current issues in the country.

So I was thrilled when my piece on crowdfunding was published by the publication. I discussed briefly on the failure of traditional banking to cater to the demand for high growth companies. The rise of equity crowdfunding and peer-to-peer (P2P) financing is contributed not just by technology companies but primarily trading and retail sectors by brick and mortar companies. For a more detailed justification why crowdfunding should form part of fundraising strategy, take a look at my earlier post for founders.

I also highlighted key trends and statistics on why we will see more demand for good and quality companies to be hosted on these platforms.


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