MaGIC launches tax incentives for crowdfunding campaigns hosted by social enterprises

I’m excited to share that MaGIC has launched a new tax incentives to encourage businesses and individual donors to donate in crowdfunding campaigns hosted by approved social enterprises by MaGIC. Donors can now get up to 10% tax incentives from their annual aggregate income between 1st August 2020 to 31st July 2021. To recap, the […]

What startups can do to survive the coronavirus

I came across this post by Preston Byrne, a securities and crypto lawyer on what startups can do to survive the coronavirus. I really like all the six points that were highlighted and I feel that they are sensible and very practical for startup founders to understand and follow. For instance, your primary duty as […]

Malaysia is one of the four most important economies for startups globally

I was a bit down since the last few weeks thanks to the whole political fiasco and of course the current Covid-19 that’s affecting everyone. So this recent piece posted on Tech In Asia really made me happy today. Malaysia is one of the best countries to set up a startup including Singapore, Indonesia and […]

3 active Malaysian startup community groups you should know

Malaysian startup community in Malaysia is an active and vibrant community

Take a look at these 3 Malaysian startup community groups where you can join for free on Facebook. Finding a referral for social media marketing or even building a simple website can be a challenge if you don’t know where to ask. I do feel that startup founders should take time to join these startup […]

Atrium had a fantastic business model to disrupt the law. Why did it still fail?

Disrupting law is a messy business. As a commercial lawyer focusing on startup and tech work, I’ve longed for the day where technology and law firm can be merged to offer better legal services to customers. I mean, a tech platform that lets you check on your lawyer’s work progress and collaborate better with Dropbox-like […]