Do we need a COVID Act in Malaysia?

Companies affected by the Covid-19 crisis are asking for a Covid Act to be passed by the lawmakers. How does the act work and do we really need it?

No more gender stereotype ads allowed in the UK

“Our evidence shows how harmful gender stereotypes in ads can contribute to inequality in society, with costs for all of us. Put simply, we found that some portrayals in ads can, over time, play a part in limiting people’s potential,” Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) chief executive Guy Parker. The United Kingdom’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), […]

Should we have any minimum social security protections for the gig economy?

The Star published a report on certain e-hailing drivers being banned from a ride sharing company. Gamification is one of the sales strategies used by companies especially startups to “motivate” their users. For instance, ride sharing companies rewards its users with points which you can then use to exchange for cheaper rides, or even freebies. […]

When should we have the AI Playbook?

I read the recent article published on The New York Times about “How Surveillance Cameras Could Be Weaponized With A.I”. “We face the prospect of an army of A.I. security guards being placed behind those lenses that are actually, in a meaningful way, monitoring us, making decisions about us, scrutinizing us.” Jay Stanley, senior policy […]