Southeast Asia’s internet economy is valued at over USD100 bil this year

There’s an interesting report being circulated in the startup ecosystem on the internet economy in the Southeast Asia region. Jointly published every two years by Google, Temasek, and Bain & Company, the report sets out the internet economy across Southeast Asian countries with special emphasis on its largest economies namely […]

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Facebook’s Libra is here, so will we see another Zuckerberg’s “move, fast and break things” approach?

The launch of Facebook’s new cryptocurrency Libra has caused mixed sentiments between both supporters and opponents of the new cryptocurrency. The positive sentiment doesn’t seem to go well for the regulators. In just 24 hours, United States, United Kingdom including other G7 countries have announced that Libra will be subject […]

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Should we have any minimum social security protections for the gig economy?

The Star published a report on certain e-hailing drivers being banned from a ride sharing company. Gamification is one of the sales strategies used by companies especially startups to “motivate” their users. For instance, ride sharing companies rewards its users with points which you can then use to exchange for […]

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