Food delivery services missing a good opportunity to be good

Food delivery services are charging high excessive fees to F&B

I read this news today about how food delivery services are charging service charge of between 20-30% fee from every food delivered. The Indian Muslim restaurant Owners Association is now asking for the food delivery services to reduce their service charges. They are saying that if they continue charging this high, they worry that they […]

USD30k grant by Financial Lab to find financial health solutions for gig workers

Financial health solutions for gig workers in Asia Pacific

The Financial Innovation Lab (FinLab) under the United Nation Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) is running a “Gig Economy Challenge”. They are giving a grant for gig economy solution. Financial health solutions for gig workers The idea is to source for MVPs that can be piloted in KL that can offer solutions that can improve the […]

What startups can do to survive the coronavirus

I came across this post by Preston Byrne, a securities and crypto lawyer on what startups can do to survive the coronavirus. I really like all the six points that were highlighted and I feel that they are sensible and very practical for startup founders to understand and follow. For instance, your primary duty as […]

Malaysia is one of the four most important economies for startups globally

I was a bit down since the last few weeks thanks to the whole political fiasco and of course the current Covid-19 that’s affecting everyone. So this recent piece posted on Tech In Asia really made me happy today. Malaysia is one of the best countries to set up a startup including Singapore, Indonesia and […]

3 active Malaysian startup community groups you should know

Malaysian startup community in Malaysia is an active and vibrant community

Take a look at these 3 Malaysian startup community groups where you can join for free on Facebook. Finding a referral for social media marketing or even building a simple website can be a challenge if you don’t know where to ask. I do feel that startup founders should take time to join these startup […]

More calls to boycott all-male panellists in Malaysia

You know that feeling when you open an event page. You looked at the event description. All seem pretty interesting. Then you look at the panellists. All male apparently. Ugh, I’ll usually shrug and wonder why does it have to be that way? Personally, in 2020, I don’t think this should even be the case […]

Atrium had a fantastic business model to disrupt the law. Why did it still fail?

Disrupting law is a messy business. As a commercial lawyer focusing on startup and tech work, I’ve longed for the day where technology and law firm can be merged to offer better legal services to customers. I mean, a tech platform that lets you check on your lawyer’s work progress and collaborate better with Dropbox-like […]

3 questions to ask a startup lawyer before hiring one

Hiring a startup lawyer isn't as expensive as you think it would be

As a practising startup lawyer, I can only imagine the challenge faced by founders when they have to look for a good startup lawyer. In my interaction with many founders, they still cite legal fees as a big issue why they don’t engage a lawyer or even run away when someone gets introduced as a […]

Southeast Asia’s internet economy is valued at over USD100 bil this year

There’s an interesting report being circulated in the startup ecosystem on the internet economy in the Southeast Asia region. Jointly published every two years by Google, Temasek, and Bain & Company, the report sets out the internet economy across Southeast Asian countries with special emphasis on its largest economies namely Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, […]