I’ve written a short summary on the Technology Startups Funding Relief Facility (TSFRF) to be administered by the Malaysia Debt Ventures.

If you think you may not qualify for the MDV loan, there are also several other funding agencies that you may want to check. So what are other funding opportunities available for technology companies announced by the Malaysian government?

RM26.5 mil – A new grant programme to be launched by Cradle Fund by the end of this May specifically for new applicants technology companies affected by Covid-19.

USD10 mil – A fintech startup fund called Lunex to be managed by Malaysia Venture Capital Management BerhadĀ (MAVCAP)

USD20 mil – Asia Greentech Fund to be managed by MAVCAP

USD10 mil – SuperSeed Fund II to be managed by MAVCAP

RM6 mil – A funding scheme to be comanaged by Malaysian Technology Development Corporation (MTDC) and Serba Dinamik, an oil and gas company.

(I checked on MAVCAP’s website to look out more on these three schemes but there doesn’t seem to be anything on this yet)

RM2 mil – P2P financing fund to be managed by Malaysian Technology Development Corporation (MTDC)

Existing capacity-building initiatives by MaGIC like the annual Global Accelerator Programme (GAP) with the goal of broadening the scope of early-stage companies to ready to commercialise and expand to other markets.

MaGIC will also host bootcamps looking into Deep Tech dan Emerging Tech and industries that may address Covid-19 crisis like Machine Learning, Robotics, Nanotech dan Dronetech.

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