Men’s Health Women’s Night Run 2017 [Race Recap]

Last Saturday night, Fazlin and I ran a half marathon at the Men’s Health Women’s Health Night Run. The race was supposed to happen in Putrajaya but due to a certain government event that coincided on the same day, it was changed to Maeps Serdang. We even booked a hotel nearby in Cyberjaya as we thought driving from Petaling Jaya would have been difficult. Fortunately, the venue wasn’t still far from our hotel.

This race was meant to be something special to me as I haven’t been doing any distance running since the last time I got injured. It was meant to be my “comeback” of sorts.

Getting to the starting line

We took Uber from our hotel around 4pm to the race venue (the runners got a RM10 off promo code). When the Uber guy dropped us off, we saw that there were many runners in a sea full of red Ultron sponsored shirts. After walking for a few minutes, then we realised that we arrived at a wrong entrance! (I found out later that there was actually a reminder to use the event name as the location point, instead of the location). We were really scared that we might be late to the race as the security guy mentioned that the actual location is 5km away! Thankfully, we managed to get another ride few moments afterward to get to the correct entrance (thank you Myvi guy!).

The race

The race started with a slight elevation at around 8pm. It’s actually my first night race so having a lot of runners were quite claustrophobic for me. There were bright white spotlights on every few markers and that really didn’t help with the whole experience.

In any case, I just wanted to put a note that we did probably the most amateur mistake ever. When the race map was published on the website, we printed the map and took a look at it — but we didn’t actually study the elevation! It happened to be a really hill route and it was back to back!

To be honest, I am not that fit as well and I haven’t been able to keep up with the mileage required to run a proper 21k. I guess, in retrospect, I should have just DNS (Did Not Start) in the first place than suffer finishing a race with an aching feet for the rest of my 8km walking to the finishing line.

Some thoughts about the race

Punctuality for flag off. Our race started around 8.05 or so. It wasn’t really punctual as perhaps the DJ wanted to wait for the VIPs to do the flag off. We remembered how the DJ were saying that “this is a tough crowd” as not many runners were cheering or really replying to the DJ as I’m sure they were in the “zone” or just wanted to focus on the race.

Diversity of pacers. There were pacers during the race day when no mention about it was made in the race kit or the booklet. Be that as it may, these guys were really fast (sub 2.30hrs guys). It would have been too fast for us to keep up or perhaps many casual runners to follow.

Choice of route. Many may argue about this but I think there’s a certain obsession with hills among race organisers these days. I can understand why many young runners would get discourage in joining as it can be quite harsh for casual runners. I do hope that race organisers could stop being so masochistic.

Good stuff about the race

Edan won! I admit that I am bias here. I’ve known Edan Syah for the longest time since we both go way back even when he was still studying in UiTM then later to MSU. A lot of stuff have been said about him and  with him not being selected as a national runner for this upcoming SEA Games, I am really happy that he won this race (which happened to be on invitation by the organiser). Congratulations again my friend.

And it was my birthday! 

My very rare surprise look